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duke in the flowers
I posted this photo three years ago (it's also part of my banner), but I'm going to post it again for a good cause--the city is talking about developing Fiesta Island.


Oh my gosh, San Diego dog lovers need to unite to save this precious retreat.
More information is available from FIDO: Fiesta Island Dog Owners
Save Fiesta's LIFE (Leash-free exercise).

Fiesta Island is an undeveloped recreation area for Over the Line, cycling, walking, swimming, boating, bonfires, etc.
A large area enclosed by a fence (with borders of water on three sides) is for dogs to run and play off leash.
There's a one-way paved road around the island, but otherwise it's sand and brush--NO fancy hotels, condos, concrete, paved parking lots, or coiffed landscape...and that's just the way we like it, thank you very much.
The LAST thing we need here is yet another manicured "park" with little or no space to roam.
Let the developers find someplace else to spoil.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, (August 2006) "With five miles of accessible shoreline, Fiesta Island is the city's largest undeveloped coastal park, dramatically underused for its acreage, according to state and city agencies. A recent count by city consultants found about 12,000 users on a weekend day.
The same consultants estimated that, if improved, the park would see the number of visitors double."

More info from Earth Times also.

What's great about this place is that it's a large expanse of land to walk (yellow daisies come up in Spring).
Or you can cool down by the water, play fetch, or let the dog's chase one another.
If you want to keep to yourself, there's enough space to do that too.
It's a really unique environment, and a true gem for the city.
You can hear the antics across the water at Sea World, see the rowing teams practicing maneuvers, see people jet skiing, let the dogs on shore try to chase the thunder boats...
It's truly wonderful.

Duke at Fiesta Island

Duke at Fiesta Island

another pic from a previous post



Blogger Wendy said...

This looks like a wonderful spot, we have lots of places like this, well o.k. minus the sunshine, but really, why can't they just leave it alone for all the enjoy?!

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