Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have been working really early hours, which is nice in that it keeps me away from the dreaded customer service, but it drains this night owl.
Sometimes, on my days off, I just want to laze around and read.
I wrote about a couple of these lazy days here.

Yes, I have continued to work in my garden, but it is slow going, and without a camera it is difficult to keep you up to date.
Soon I'll have some photos.
But the work is rewarding in its simplicity--such a joy to see little green shoots break the surface of the soil.

And I have continued my visits to the chiropractor.
More health stuff soon too.

I don't have anything wonderful to post today, just a hello.
I do plan to cut out a shirt tonight though, and I have some really fun ideas for what to make for The Purse Project.

I have continued to be fascinated with foodie movies, foodie books, and foodie blogs.
Last night I made Skillet Ziti. It was yum.
I also made a snack with garbanzo beans--the first time I've ever liked garbanzos!

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