Friday, December 04, 2009

Garden Inspiration

You know sometimes when you see a photo, or a place, or a special something...and it just speaks to you?

That's how I feel about the garden featured in the July/August issue of Gardening How-to Magazine
(a publication of the National Home Gardening Club).
The home garden is the sanctuary for gardening designer Laura Crockett.

chartreuse plants
Chartreuse plants are my favorite, and these bold grass-like shrubs are like architectural elements, accented by handmade ceramic globe sculptures.

Crockett has several sculptural items and other garden art in her space, but it is artfully arranged.
She suggests you arrange your art into "points of composition", and group it together like you would a table centerpiece, versus randomly spread out everywhere.

This perimeter fence absolutely slays me.
It is a steel frame, with polycarbonate panels, and adjustable wooden baffles.
The panels provide a hint of view, but allow for opening (like louvers) if you want the outside in.
In my case, I have a stream below my garden adjacent to the street.
I want to block the street so I can have privacy, but sometimes I like the view and sound of the stream.
This could be the perfect solution for me.

I have an estimate for a wooden enclosure, but I want to find out how much more expensive this metal version might be.

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Blogger Gina E. said...

Whenever I see photos of gardens like this, I think M-O-N-E-Y. In other words, you have to have it to have a garden like that! Or you can simply hock your house to the bank like we did a few years ago...

4:55 AM  

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