Friday, January 08, 2010

Stars and Magic Wands

A few years ago (I've mentioned this previously), I was in a little gift shop in Hillcrest that is no longer in business, and they had a pewter magic wand that had all sorts of inspirational words on it.
You know "believe", "dream", etc.
I can't remember if the words dangled off by jump rings, or if they popped up on wires like another item my friend Brandie received as a gift.
The wand was made by Silvestri, which I guess in 2007 was bought out by Demdaco.
I didn't have money on the day I saw the wand, and when I went back to the shop, it was no longer there.

I really want one of those wands.

I'm usually pretty good with finding information online, but I can't find even a photo of that wand, nor that popping up with words thing.
It's frustrating.

Several years ago, my friend debs mentioned she liked the idea of collecting magic wands.
That got me to thinking what a great idea that really is.

In my search for the elusive Silvestri wand, however, I did come across some fun ideas.
Love this idea of Magic Wand invitations, by Spoonful of Sugar

Barn Star Tutorial (in fabric), by Workmanship

Constant Bliss life coaching has these amazing magic wands.
She says, "A Magic Wand for Life a creative tool to facilitate your focus on your intentions and goals, thus creating positive energy that will propel you towards the fulfillment of your dreams.
This tool is a fun and creative method to put the power of the Law of Attraction into effect in your life."

And I found this image on The Art of Nothing, about an
Art and Soul workshop that I wish I had taken.
Hmmm....future possibilities?

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