Sunday, January 23, 2011

Accomplishments not to forget

People tend to concentrate on their failures, their "what ifs", their shortcomings.
I think it's important to remember all those little goals we DO tackle, all the "to do" we check off our lists.

Inspired by Andrea's "59 Things",
I decided to keep a list of things last year that were accomplishments.
Remembering accomplishments is a good way to start the New Year, along with eying new goals and inspirations

Last year I:
*Read (or listened to) 37 books.
24 books, 13 audio books.
This does not include craft or cookbooks.

*Got a computer, then an updated version--a gift from a very nice guy who reads this blog.
It has been life-transforming. Really.
I entered the 21st century--goodbye dial-up, welcome high speed!

*I reconnected with some old friends/clients after five years
*reconnected with a friend of a friend after more than a decade
*reconnected with a childhood friend after a year, and another very close friend after two years.
*reconnected with several old high school friends and former co-workers via Facebook
*reconnected with a girl I went to elementary school, Junior High, and High School with, but never really hung out with.
Via Facebook we arranged to meet at a concert, and discovered how much we have in common.
It's awesome to start up a friendship that's so strong from the get go.

*I finally made a bowl from a record.

*I finished my first knitted scarf.
*Then I made another.

*Took the online course Unravelling from Susannah Conway
I still need to really delve into it.
It's an introspective journey.

*Took an online class about food myths from
Kelly the Kitchen Kop
I've become a fan of Weston Price, and traditional nutrition.

*I took a tiara class with Sally Jean Alexander.
I still need to blog about it.

*I got a Brazilian blow-out.

*I met one of my blog friends/Facebook buddies face-to-face.
He is one of my closest friends now.
Go figure.

*I fixed up my bedroom.
I had a wood floor installed, as well as trim around the doors and windows.
I bought draperies, new drapery rods, and I painted the wood doors white.
I bought an area rug.
I painted the walls two shades of green.
Huge improvement.

*I made a cute dress for a little girl

*I bought some CD-roms on how to speak Italian.
I haven't really gotten into them yet, but it's a beginning.

*I finally saw three bridges in San Diego that were on my bucket list.
I still need to blog about it.

*I attended Tiki Oasis again.

*Planted an old wheelbarrow

*I bought (actually I'm still buying...) an old Ford Explorer since my Land Rover needs a new engine.
I really like it!

*I rescued an 8-week old feral kitten and welcomed him as part of my family
Initially I named him Trey, but it didn't stick.
He is now Kai (and "little guy").

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Blogger Gina E. said...

Phew! I am out of breath just reading all that! That was The Year That Was, wasn't it!

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Amnuai Beckenham said...

Wow...what an incredible year...and so much energy. I really enjoyed your post but it made me feel as though I need to get up an hour earlier every day just to even approach what you achieved over the previous year!

3:36 PM  
Blogger woof nanny said...

You both probably conquered milestones also, but it's too easy to forget. That's why I love the idea of 59 Things.

11:33 PM  
Blogger kt said...

Yay for you! Interesting things, tasty things, purry things and friendly things.

What a good list.

8:39 PM  

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