Sunday, October 02, 2005

Forever friends, and silly faces....

I hope my friends laugh out loud when they see this (versus, God, the whole world is looking up my nose). To quote Naive Knitting, "sometimes blogging feels like one gigantic game of show and tell. Slowly I will reveal every item in my apartment". It's kind-of cool though. If any of you read my poem about my friends (it's in my archives here), the last line talks about making silly faces in a photo booth. This is a tradition for us. Someday we'll have to pool all the years and all the little pieces of paper and see what we've got. I think it was the movie Beaches that had one of these photo strips matted and framed. I always thought that was a fun idea. This photo is a classic because I look so distorted in it. Initially I hated it, of course, but it's historical now. Posted by Picasa


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...and hysterical.

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