Monday, October 03, 2005

Quilt challenge--are you up for it?

Ooh, two challenges that you might not know about (one is closed, but the other is still open). Quilting Arts Magazine is having a How Does Your Garden Grow challenge, January 2007. Theme:
Show us in stitch, fabric, and embellishments how you nurture yourself or others, what you have accomplished in your life or work, some thing (or someone)you are proud to have cultivated, be it a child, a cause, or your dreams, or someone who has done the same for you. And yes, we will accept entries that feature actual gardens with plants!

I'm so bummed I just missed the Everyone has Baggage challenge with the same magazine. I look forward to seeing the entries.
For our Wearable Art Challenge, we want you to use your creativity to make a bag (handbag, evening bag, or small tote)that reveals your elegance, positive attitude, and zest for life (despite any baggage you might be carrying). You may use any pattern, techniques, and embellishments you like--though we strongly encourage you to use the articles and techniques found in the Spring 2005 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine for inspiration.


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