Friday, November 18, 2005

Quilt Ideas?

I have agreed to help a co-worker make a quilt for her school. Every year the private school (Cathedral, if you're in San Diego...used to be Uni) holds an auction of things the parents make and donate. Proceeds from these auctions can be quite high. This co-worker is like Martha Stewart anyway. Someday I hope to see her home, as she is renovating and is putting in a kitchen countertop of limestone with fossils in it. Can you imagine how wonderful? That even tops my usual favorite, concrete countertops. She also mosaiced her laundry room in a diner-type style that I am dying to see. Hmmm, reminds me I should post pics from some of my mosaic books. Last year this same girl also mosaiced a Welcome Mat. The thing brought in bids that ended up at $1500! Holy cow. She got a commission to do another in Mexico, but backed out for insecurity. Huh? Geez, we're our own worst enemies. Anyway, she has agreed this year to make a quilt. The thing is...she doesn't sew. So I said I'd help her. She's thinking of using old tees from the school, parts of uniforms (including the plaid from the skirts--brilliant). If anyone has any ideas for a fun memory-type quilt, please forward me the ideas and/or links. Someone has donated their services to quilt it, so that's cool. She wants it to be random versus a rigid pattern. Thanks!


Blogger kath red said...

hi barb - heaps of t-shirt quilts on the net - looks like a fun project

7:51 PM  
Blogger quiltpixie said...

When I've been involved in memory quilts with lots of "bits" we've often done a crazy quilt-like project. That way everything will work, nothing will be out of place, and you have space to embellish with all the other non-fabric bits that you want saved too...

7:34 AM  

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