Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Okay, that's just scary

Some vintage stuff is retro cool. Some designs are timeless. And then some designs are, uh, eeewwww. Like this Christmas poncho that doubles as a tree skirt. I am not making this up. Hello! What were they thinking? From a stash of Workbasket mags I got at a thrift store for a dime each. This one from December 1972. Just think though, the 80's were still to come, with some of the worst fashions ever! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous aubrey1872 said...

Of course it's awful! It's the SEVENTIES!

And say what you will about the eighties, that was when my appreciation for fishnets and jewelry truly began. Melrose Ave. 20 years ago was EPIC.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Aww, she looks so happy with herself: Christmas may be over, but I've found this great way to use the tree skirt as a poncho! Won't my husband be pleased at my thriftiness!

Or maybe the look is calculating: My husband won't let me buy new clothes? I'll show him and threaten to wear this tree skirt to his company party! I'll be off to Macy's in an instant!

9:27 AM  

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