Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Vintage Christmas Cards

Two Vintage Christmas Cards
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Here's a selection of the vintage cards I purchased the other day.
I put these two together because of their similar colors, qualities, and character.
I love the script on the right, and the fact that the candle is three dimensional. The house on the left looks Nightmare before XMAS-like or something.

This one is fantastic--a time capsule from 1944.
Vintage Christmas Card, 1944

This appears to be the same family, one year earlier. There is black paper on the back of these, indicating they were at one point glued into an album. This one also has its hand-made red construction paper envelope, one cent stamp, los angeles postmark, and a holiday sticker dated 1943.
(again, click on the photo to enlarge. Flickr doesn't do horizontals well. Above the photo on the Flickr page, click 'all sizes' to REALLY enlarge if so desired)
Vintage Photo Christmas Card, 1946

Vintage Christmas Card Puppy

And this one, an actual photograph on a card and signed, of Monterey, California. Just beautiful--I'm so glad I didn't pass it by. I assume this is in the 40's, since most of the cards I was going through in the store were of that decade. There's something about the photographs then, perhaps a hand-tinting, that makes them more like paintings. Definitely works of art.
Vintage Christmas Card  Monterey

More cards later in the week!



Blogger S. said...

Just when I want to get rid of everything, this makes me want to keep it all. After all, it'll be vintage some day!

7:46 AM  
Blogger jungle dream pagoda said...

Love these!!!I have a whole collection of X-mas vintage cards ,I got at an estate sale for 1 penny each!!!(i bought about 400,should have bought them all). I really love the family ones and have some in my collectio,never figured out what to do with them,but oh the projects I have done with the others!

9:20 AM  
Blogger Teri M. said...


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