Friday, December 15, 2006

Photobooth Friday

Vintage Photobooth
(click on photo to enlarge...Flickr never sizes these for blogs)

This is labeled, "Herman Petersen, one year old".
I assume this is the father of my uncle Pete.

This gem was also within the contents of the box of photographs I discussed yesterday. I wondered if a booth was possible at the turn of the century. This was probably taken in Sweden. When were photobooths invented?

Well, I investigated the history of photobooths, and found this:

"Mathew Stiffens filed a patent for an automatic photography machine in 1889. Monsieur Enjalbert also demonstrated a similar machine at the Exposition Universelle in Paris that same year. These automated coin-operated machines were used to produce instant tintypes for use as souvenirs, ID's and tokens of affection. Although these types of automated photography machines were notoriously unreliable, they were popular until after WWI when, in 1925, Anatol Josepho patented his 'Photomaton.' In 1927, the 33-year-old Josepho epitomized the Great American Dream when he sold the rights to his invention for $1,000,000. His machine -- the first mass-produced photobooth -- quickly made an appearance in amusement parks and other public locations."
(source, About: Genealogy, by Kimberly Powell)

Fun article about celebrity photobooth fun, from the NY Times, March 6, 2005. "Why Hollywood says Cheese".

Evidently photobooths also play a role in movies sometimes. Interesting site with links to photobooths in cinema.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my collection of photobooths in cinema; it's a little old, though, and has since been overhauled and updated as part of You can now find info on photobooths in cinema, art, books, magazines, TV, and just about anywhere else, all in one place. Long live Photobooth Friday!

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVED this trivia about booths. I'm saving my pennies to have my very own.

4:55 PM  

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