Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas at the Del

My mom and I have developed quite a few traditions regarding festivities we visit every year. Tonight, for example, we wandered through La Mesa (a town in the east county of San Diego) for their holiday event. The stores through 'the village' (what La Mesa calls it's main street) were open late, there was free popcorn, scattered fire pits in the street, carolers in Victorian dress, and street musicians. There were llama rides for the kids, and a California version of a horse-drawn sleigh (mules and a four-wheeled cart).
I saw some teen boys walking around with mistletoe over their heads. We stopped for gelato. I bought a wooden Santa.
It's always nice.

Another of the holiday traditions I share with my mom is to visit the Christmas tree that is all decked out in the lobby of the Hotel del Coronado.
We missed the parade this year, but we did visit the ice-skating rink, the fun little shops, and the tree. It's not as spectacular this year as the sea-themed tree from last year, but it's still charming.

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Christmas at the Del

Christmas skates
I love the ice skates on the package.

Next week is the Parade of Lights on the boats in the San Diego Bay. And tons of Christmas lights around town to check out.
I'm bummed I missed the parade in Ocean Beach. I love a parade.
So many things to do, and I wish we could see them all.

For those of you near Trader Joes, they have the cutest little wreaths with wired-in walnuts.
I haven't done any real Christmas decorating myself this year. Though I am considering making an Astro Weenie tree.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great thing to do with your mom.
I have my husband, two daughters and my dog here in Maine, but all of my family is still in California. I can't tell you how much I miss them during the Holidays.
My favorite Marilyn Monroe movie is "SOME LIKE IT HOT" and you can see what the Hotel looked like back then.

6:50 AM  

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