Friday, August 31, 2007

My Dream House

I stay in a lot of homes all over San Diego County.
Some are more comfortable than others, some are more inviting, more welcoming, more like places I can really feel at home.

My friend Carol's house is one of my favorite places to stay.
And not only for the bay view
Sunset on Sail Bay

Bay View

The house was built in 1927.
For someone like me, who is in love with architectural details, it's a joy.
The ceiling was white when they moved in. They sandblasted it and discovered redwood beams underneath all that white paint.
The archways are lined in wood.
The bookshelves are built-ins.
There's an interior courtyard where they plan to place a fountain.

It's my dream home.

On my first visit here, I spent most of my time with my mouth open in awe, pointing out details.
Carol and I have known each other since 7th grade, but even she didn't realize the extent of my passion with architecture.

I plan to go to the San Diego Museum of History and do some research on the architect.
They're looking for sconces that are similar to the originals (which were taken before they moved in).
I love that this couple is aiming to keep the character and integrity of the home intact.
Too many people remodel without consideration of the age of the structure or the architect's intent.

Here's the girl I'm watching.
It's so fantastic here, I'm taking a vacation in San Diego--I took two weeks off from my retail job.

A little slice of Heaven...

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Blogger Laura K said...

Oh Barb, this is lovely! Have a wonderful "vacation."

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Prairie Home said...

"Bella"!!!!!How cute! Yes indeed they got themselves a truly cool home!!!
You need to come to the barn Sale, next one is Sept. 21st,22nd&23.
check my post soon for details!
Smiles, Sherry

6:04 AM  

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