Monday, June 30, 2008

Children's book, 1958

Vintage German Children's Book, 1958
I found this vintage children's book at a thriftstore and fell in love with the illustrations.
The text is in German.
According to Babelfish, the title says, "glad beginning"

The book appears to be nursery rhymes and seasonal festivities.
This looks like a May Day celebration
May Day illustration

Vintage children's book illustration

Vintage children's book illustration

This one is about taking a bath
Vintage children's book illustration
rough translation:
The bath
Bruno may in the bath
Raus from the trousers
raus from the shirt
in the Water to the belly
to the neck brrr
Soap ago mummy soap
I am clean

Vintage children's book illustration

This one appears to be Ring-around-the-rosey
Vintage children's book illustration
Update: someone on Flickr just commented that I was incorrect.
" was an exercise game of the easiest sort. There was going in a circle holding hands the first two lines, hunkering down to the floor for the third, jumping up and clapping hands at the fourth or some such. Most I remember wondering about the second line, saying "we are three children" as we did it with the kindergarten teacher in a circle of at least 25 people (and never a shrub in the middle)... :)

The second is some kind of sensory finger counting game for people from newborn up to kindergarten age, referring to each one that is touched as if they are little brothers at harvest time, telling a little story:
This one is the thumb ( touch thumb)
This one shakes the plums ( touch forefinger)
This one picks them up ( touch middle finger)
This one carries them home( touch ring finger)
And the tiniest, he eats them all alone. ( touch little finger)"

The book was $5--rather expensive by thrift standards.
But I love illustrations.

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Blogger Vallen said...

I adore these German children's books. I have never found one but have found a few illustrations on flickr. They are absolutely delightful. Worth framing

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great find. I love looking at the old illustrations.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes the pictures are beautiful well worth the $

6:59 AM  
Blogger kate smudges said...

This was well worth the 5,00$ you spent on it. The illustrations are beautiful. I love coming across books like these in secondhand stores... usually I'm looking for books to alter.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

In the little verse about bathing "Raus" means: Take off!
So the verse would say: "Take off your shirt! Take off your pants!"

Nice to see these German verses. I am Dutch myself, (so the Germans are my neighbours) and we have very similar books we grew up with. Lovely to see them.

11:48 PM  

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