Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Saint Francis
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I love this photo of the front side of my friend Carol's house.
Saint Francis of Assisi is actually a small statue, but at this angle appears to be watching over everyone.

Ah, memories.
Remember jack-in-the-boxes?
Old toys
From Crafts and Things Magazine, Feb-March 1976, this article featured ideas for making your own wrapping paper by printing with a hand-carved linoleum block.
Maybe I should make a linoleum block print again...sounds like a good craft to revive.
But I especially love the old toys here--a time capsule.

I bought these iron-on letters back in the day when they were new. I had elaborate plans but they never materialized.
I still think it's a really fun set
Iron-on transfer letters, 1977
McCall's pattern, 1977.

I'm not even a meat eater, so I don't know why this apron from Cost Plus World Market appeals to me so much.
I guess it's just so kitsch.

My friend Jen bought me the adorable cherries set--apron, towels, mitt.

Jen posted about bath fizzy cupcakes.
How cute are these?!
Instructions posted on Crafty Chica.

I got together with Sue who is visiting from Taiwan.
I wish we'd had more time!
I'd post the pic, but I look way too fat. Ah, I really should address that issue on this blog.
Eventually, perhaps I will.
But it was great seeing her, as always. No one at the bbq even looked at me sideways when I said we knew each other from blogging!

I just ordered these.

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Blogger The Tattered Rose said...

Don't try the linoleum - its hard to do. You would be better off making stamps from rubber erasers (if the pattern is simple) or the stuff they make to carve them from. Martha had a program rerunning on it last week and now I am itching to do it, too. This is So You Think You Can Dance Night and I was thinking about you thinking about it too. I hope it will be a good episode as I am having a bad day (had a migraine). More later. Cheers, Trish G.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Decca said...

Oh my god, I could so spend hours following all your amazing links, recipes, and photos. Thank you!

6:08 AM  

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