Saturday, June 28, 2008

More miscellaneous

I stopped at a gas station tonight--one that usually has the cheapest gas around.
As my tank was filling, I started up a conversation with the lady across from me.
I said, "It's pretty bad when you think 'woohoo, $4.37!'".
She laughed and said she was thinking the same thing.
Sheesh, as if that's cheap.
But a couple of weeks ago it was up to $4.73.

The landmark Kansas City Barbecue in downtown San Diego was destroyed by fire two days ago.
According to NBC, "The Kansas City Barbecue was made famous by the movie "Top Gun." According to the restaurant's Web site, the location director for Paramount Studios was driving through downtown San Diego. After stopping in for a beer, he brought back the film's director, Tony Scott, who approached the bar owner for use in the film.

And over the years, hundreds of tourists have flocked to see where Maverick, played by Tom Cruise and Goose, played by Anthony Edwards, belted out the lyrics to "Great Balls of Fire."

A helmet from the movie was now sitting outside, charred and melted. An estimate on the damage caused has not been given, but employees said there were items lost that cannot be replaced.

The restaurant just celebrated its 25th anniversary last month.

Turns out all of the memorabilia from the movie was lost.
I listen to Los Angeles radio stations, and one reporter described the event as "Top Gun goes Cheech & Chong"
(you know...Up in Smoke).
News story here.
Then again, this website said "Oversexed Top Gun BBQ Joint Succumbs to Great Balls of Fire" (referring to Tom Cruise having sung the ironic song choice in the movie at the restaurant location).

I have some more links for you guys to check out:
Bella Dia explains how to write a tutorial, and how to make a daisy chain.

Under Construction has a great example of sewing with flour and sugar sacks

Have an iron-on shirt party! (an older post, but I just discovered it)
They also had a DIY Christmas ornament party that seems like a great idea too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Barb sorry been out of action all week. I hope you can save your wild area. It helps if you can get a group of people who know things like flora and fauna to find a rare species there. There are fewer and fewer accessible wild places for the everyday person around. It's scarey if you even go back a couple of generations just how much land is now built over.

Love the cake bath bombs!

That is so sad that irreplacable stuff got destroyed.

Here in the UK unleaded petrol is around £1.18 a litre. The government keep 40% of that in tax. They wont reduce it as their financial plans are KP at the mo due to the housing market being a bit belly-up and the European Parliament may impose a fine for impacting on the Euro-Pound value.

On a happier note your cherry apron set is gorgeous!

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, I had to laugh at your gas price comment. As my husband and I approached our neighborhood gas station for a fill up yesterday, I said to him (in total releif & seriousness) "Oh good, gas is only $4.79 a gallon today."

He looked at me and said, "Now I know we are totally crazy when we're OK with $4.79 a gallon gas."
Janet J

3:49 PM  

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