Friday, January 29, 2010

Yes You Can

I'm considering entering Friskies "Together We Can" contest--to make a work of art constructed from Friskies cat food cans.
Art, especially three dimensional art, is one of my passions.

To garner inspiration, I went online, and was surprised by the quantity of can art available.
Friskies cans are aluminum, but for the sake of inspiration I am posting tin can art also.
I found some amazing stuff:
Wow, beer and soda cans made up an exhibit of opera costumes, including these amazing shoes (video)

Hmmm, lingerie?

Gorgeous wall art by Paul Villinski--these are butterflies from beer cans.

Eagle made from Red Bull Cans (entire gallery of art here)

Lots of examples on Make Magazine, including this cricket

Wee sculptures by Loren Scrugg (etsy)

And there are also huge installations, like this mermaid (found here, but no info on artists. Many more example of art at the link though)

Or this 20-foot replica of Big Ben, by Robert Bradford

Or a multitude of cars, including this Bud version

Or, holy cow, architect Richard Van Os Keuls covered his house in flattened can "shingles"
If you'd like to copy this on a more manageable project, he also made this planter

If you'd rather decorate the interior of your house, how about this wall covering?

Some items can be more everyday--such as assemblage bracelets or dolls made from tin (see my previous post)

or retro doll furniture techniques, sometimes considered Tramp Art, like this dollhouse chair (from Flickr)
or this pincushion(see my previous post, and note I have uploaded that entire booklet to my Flickr pages)

Clock made from recycled soda cans

There's even a book, Fine Art of the Tin Can, by Bobby Hansson">

More examples (and for sale) at Indigo Arts

Orlando Forge Gallery

Kim Groff-Harrington Gallery

Tutorial using tin can lid and bottlecaps, by Altered Art Junkies

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I know what to do with my Redbull empties...perhaps I can get some Redbull field mice for the Redbull Eagle.

How about some Redbull lingerie?

9:24 AM  

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