Friday, August 25, 2006

Photo Friday: My dad, hurdles:1939

Eek, Friday is almost over, and I just realized I forgot to post a pic. I don't have time to find a booth shot, so I pulled out a pic I happened to already have saved on Flickr. This is my third post today, so please make an effort to do a scroll down after this :).

My dad on the left, his twin brother Frank in the middle, and their friend Pat, messing around at Coronado High School sometime in the 30's. The charms next to the photo are tiny track shoes and trinkets that were awards from track events. One reads, "Pole Vault Class 5 (I think that's the number) 1939", and on the front a symbol that looks like someone jumping over a pole, with "Metro League" engraved beneath it. The other reads "Pole Vault 500 Class" on the back and on the front, "SD Counties Meet". The charms are one of most treasured possessions, and currently hang from the rear view mirror of my SUV.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful - the bracelet & photo could also be framed, as a sort of memorabilia/collage/
photo/montage. I have a framed photo of my mother, posed by a microphone, sort of like a 'band chick', ca. 1955. I used as a backing for the photo the scarf she wore in that picture.

7:32 PM  

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