Sunday, October 26, 2008

Video Sunday: Drake's Wish

My friend debs has a 17 year old son with cancer.
He composes music, and was having trouble with writing (pain in his arm and hand).
Several doctors blew it off as growing pains until debs finally insisted on further testing.
That's when they discovered a tumor wrapped around the nerves in his neck.
Several specialists were required during surgery to ensure there was no nerve damage, but this required fusing some of the vertebrae in his spine, and left him without upper body strength.

To make a long story short, in this last year, rather than sitting around bitching and whining, this family has embraced the positive.
They have, literally, taken the reins of life and enjoyed the ride.
Granted, one can't gloss over the details.
Of course there have been difficulties, such as debs' daughter experiencing panic attacks, and debs basically checking out emotionally at her job.

Drake's cancer is in remission now, and hopefully the future will be bright.
Ironically, this tragedy has brought some amazing experiences to this family--moments they will all cherish forever.
For example, Make a Wish granted Drake his wish--a trip to London to attend a Parkour school.
Parkour is sort-of an urban obstacle course.
A challenge to body and spirit.
It is the notion of getting from one point to another by crawling over and upon anything in between, such as buildings.

Drake's Wish:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The darkest defeats lead to the greatest defiance and bring about the brightest victories.

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