Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Destroy Things...

I Destroy Things

Remember the little guy and his sister that were dumped at my mom's house?

Well, they are fat and happy now...and incredibly destructive!
They've shredded curtains, a garment bag, and the bottom of a mattress (so they can crawl up inside and sleep).
They climb into cupboards, atop high places, and knock over everything in their paths.
They are as cute as cute can be.
Brats, but cute.

We ended up naming them Oliver and Minnie (the name Violet didn't stick, but Min did).

This originally was a palm tree-shaped scratching post with carpet-covered coconuts and fronds, and a sisal-covered trunk.
Evidently it was really fun to scratch off the rope, then keep scratching until the cardboard base collapsed.
The funny part is now they love it even more.
Now it is the favorite sleep zone.



Blogger Robin said...

Hi! I found you on flickr last night and I just wanted to thank you for the flickr mail about the picture I asked you about! Then I realized you have a blog and you are a thrifter like me! AND a dog lover! I'm a self described dog freak) I'll be back to read through your blog but wanted to say thanks for the use of the picture! Now lets just hope I actually MAKE the collage! :0

3:46 AM  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I was wondering how those little kitties were going, and now I know - gee, they are so much bigger! Still cute as. In some inexplicable way, animals seem happiest when tearing something to bits in a house. They look at you as if to say "Look what I did! Isn't that neat?"

6:28 AM  

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