Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I've been tagged!

Miss Eagle tagged me to share my ten Simple Pleasures. I really like her list. Let's see...

1) The sun on my face. There's no joy quite like enjoying the sun, the sunset over the ocean, the heat, walks on Dog Beach. I love living in California.

2) Curling up in a chair with a yummy blanket, and reading. No time limits, no pressing engagements...just time to myself. I am fortunate in that I have tons of freedom, tons of free time. I like it that way. I could never be a slave to a list or a schedule.

3) Going through cookbooks or magazine clippings or internet recipe sites, planning a new item to make (usually a dessert--baking is my favorite) and feeling a sense of accomplishment at having tried something new, and making it beautiful. Then sharing my treat and the rave reviews that make me smile. I get a real sense of pride from keeping traditions alive--baking from scratch, sewing, keeping good values.

4) Finding hidden treasure in thrift shops. Hoping for moments when the breath catches in my throat because I can't believe my good fortune.

5) A cafe, a cafe mocha, and endless conversation with a good friend. Conversation is my key to joy. That connection can be magic, battery-charging, motivating.

6) Live music venues. I can listen to almost anything live. I love to dance also. I considered majoring in dance in college. I wish I would have followed through on that. But music moves my soul.

7) Cruising the internet. I am a phenomenal researcher. I can find anything. And time just zooms by. I wish I could find a job doing this.

8) Going to sleep with my black cat Terry curled up beside me under the covers. Best cat on the planet, and already 15. I've almost lost him a few times (urinary tract problems) but God blessed me with more years with him. A former boyfriend gave him to me for Valentine's Day when Terry was just 4 months old. A free kitty in the newspaper, given away when a landlord found a tenant with a kitten in a 'no pets' building. I have always wondered why people don't just MOVE under those circumstances. Are you going to dump your children too? Just sayin'. It was funny though, because I asked for a kitten, and for a young female, gray long hair. I was given a 4 month old male, black short hair. Hello! But it worked out beautifully. The old man isn't solid black anymore. Age has brought three white whiskers!

9) I miss being in a relationship. I miss dog walks, trips to Mexico, cocktails and conversation, reading in bed, making dinners together. I hope that joy finds me again. It's the LITTLE things that make a relationship special. The little things are what I miss.

10) Spending time with my mom. Trips to quilt shops and gardens...
I'm trying to cherish every moment.

I won't tag anyone specifically, but feel free to post your own list.


Blogger Miss Eagle said...

Thanks for joining in the tag, Barb. Miss Eagle could adopt your list as an alternative. I had to smile when I saw that the clippings and the opp shops only made places 3 and 4.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Aubrey said...


I think that it's really obvious that we need to go out for a cocktail or two.

Just sayin'.

12:04 AM  

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