Monday, May 22, 2006

Recycled Materials

Just a couple more things about rugs before I go on to another topic. I love using recycled materials. How cool is this necktie floor runner?!
Necktie Floor Runner
This is from Eco-artware--read about it here (actually, it was by 2nd Hand Made, and published in the Eco-artware newsletter). Eco-artware is a fun source for products made from old bike chains, typewriter keys, etc. The instructions for this floor runner are no longer on a link through this site, but I think it's probably made like this.

Here's another option with neckties.
Necktie Rug
This is actually an art piece by Sandy Voss.

Towels! Another source of material for rugs (in addition to neckties, pantyhose, fabric scraps including thrifted sheets, etc) is towels. Instructions for braided towel rugs here.

If you think braided or crochet rugs aren't contemporary enough to suit your style, there are lots of designs available. This sunflower is from Leisure Arts Leaflet 2820 (1996)
"Rags to Rugs Book 2".
Sunflower Rug


Blogger Drew said...

Great rugs! Do you mind if I profile them on my rug blog?

9:38 AM  
Blogger Carmen said...

I love that red necktie floor runner! What a great use for ties:)

8:42 AM  
Blogger PinkPeanutButter said...

Wow! I love love love the idea of using old ties for a rug!

4:08 PM  

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