Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Share a Past Project Thursday

Like last week, I work tomorrow morning, so I'm going to post late Wednesday night. Please feel free to post your own past projects too. I think it's fun to see what tangents we got off on, or how far we've come.
This is a pastel drawing I did a few years ago in an art class.
24" X 31".
Pastel Collage
The quantity of time and the amount of work I put into this was insane. First we had to make a collage of organic shapes using magazine and newspaper pages.
Then we had to recreate our paper collages in pastel. Holy crap. I wish you could see the detail I had to capture. Overall, I am pretty pleased with the product.
It was very difficult for me, and tedious. I had the paper taped to a door and newspaper laid out on the floor to capture all the chalk dust. I decided, after all that work, instead of just having the thing collect dust in storage, I went ahead and had it framed. Shoot, why not hang my own art on the wall? I need to get a better photograph of it. My current quilting teacher photographs her work, then copies these pics of her own stuff onto fabric. She then incorporates these images into new work. I really like that idea.


Blogger Pink Rocket said...

wow! i had to put it in full size! that's fantastic!! i'd hang that puppy where everyone could see it! it would make a cool quilt too!

8:22 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Amazing! I love how art classes challenge students to take their projects a step further than they probably would have thought of on their own. I wish I had taken more...

9:22 PM  

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