Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Learning encaustic

I took another class at Stamping Details recently, this one to learn encaustic techniques.
Encaustic means using wax...basically sealing collages under wax.
We collaged a cardboard book with inspirational images and words.
Encaustic book

This class dealt with blocks of clear wax and three colors of wax, and used only an iron.
One can also work with wax using a paint brush, but that's a more advanced method that we didn't cover in this class.
Learn the foundation first...then experiment.

Normally I don't follow an instructor's sample exactly, but I made an exception this time because I really just wanted to learn how to do this, and I thought her sample would be a good tool to have for future reference.
Here's what I made:
page 1 & 2
(click on the images to enlarge. If you're not familiar with Flickr, there is an area above each image called 'all sizes' that you can click on to get zooms if desired)
page 3 & 4
page 5 & 6

the last page has a three-dimensional butterfly in a window
page 7 & 8
The back of the book has crumpled tissue paper for texture, which is then 'painted' with wax.

I really thought I was going to be head-over-heels for this new (new to me anyway) idea.
It was okay.
I think I'll still play around with it in the future, and I think I'll like it more when the project is more a representation of my own style.

I would prefer real photographs that have meaning for me.
I would prefer a more monocromatic color scheme
(I would never on my own choose pink, blue, and yellow. Way too bright for my tastes).

I purchased a selection of metallic waxes to play around with later.
I think I would like a selection of sepia or terra cotta tones.
There's potential.

Especially when I look at all the amazing things Jennifer Conway makes (here's her etsy shop).
Or the art doll hat that Calamity Kim made, where the paper is all three dimensional by the use of wax as a hardening agent. Nice! (here's Kim's etsy shop).

Also because I won a prize in the class--a full kit of supplies to make another book.

For anyone who lives in San Diego and is interested in learning more about encaustic design, the La Jolla Music and Arts Library (the Athenaeum) is offering two classes for the fall semester that seem very intriguing (see course numbers 66 and 67).
September 10-13 and September 14-16.



Blogger Sue B said...

You know I've always been interested in encaustic techniques but haven't gotten around to playing with them yet. Your project came out great!

2:24 AM  
Anonymous kimberly sherrod said...

Well, I was so in love with the look of the wax as a surface, I wanted to cover everything in my house! haha! I think it's good to learn new skills- you never know what you may do later on down the craft road. I ordered more Amy Butler paper to make you a doll party hat and just emailed the chick from eBay, after waiting 3 weeks for it. Sheesh! killin me! I am working on new stuff for the shop- thank you so sweetly for the plug! I bought one of Jennifer's crow's and I LOVE it!

4:29 AM  
Blogger Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal said...

That sure came out beautifully, sounds like an interesting technique to learn!

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Jeffrey Yamaguchi said...

Excellent work. Very interesting technique. I look forward to seeing your more personalized approach.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Mary Ann said...

Genius thing I own and highly recommend: a wax glue gun. So brilliant, really.

8:43 PM  

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