Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cupcake, anyone?

"I made them myself"

My friend debs as a dead (retro) housewife.
That apron (Anthropolgie) is to die for (pun intended).

Every year her office has a costume contest, and whoever wins gets a day off with pay.
She won a couple of years ago when she was Tippi Hedron from the movie, The Birds.
She had fake birds attached to wires around her head, and a soundtrack of cawing.

God I love Halloween.

I was driving today, and an old witch crossed the street in front of my car.
A Mexican lady (an employee at the thriftstore I couldn't help stopping into) was dressed in Chinese attire.
At the tool shop, I asked for help from a Roman in a toga.

It's so much fun.

No parties for me today.
Not even any handing out of candy.
I was painting, and prepping for a forecast of rain.
All of my stuff is sitting outside, so I bought tarps and bungee cords and attempted to cover and strap.
When it has been 90 degrees forever, it's hard to believe rain is expected.
I am so looking forward to finishing this room.

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