Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Well, I figure if I list all my craft projects here...maybe I will actually finish the ones I start before I go out and buy more fabric, charms, etc. Too, I'm hoping to log my inspirations, and to get inspired by others. Right now my two passions are mosaics and sewing with neckties. First for the mosaics. I took a class from an artist I met in Laguna Beach outside the Pageant of the Masters. It was a two day class and it was so worthwhile that it has completely transformed my work. She taught us to think in terms of three dimensional art. In other words, be free to layer. She taught us to set rounded objects (rocks, marbles, etc) next to cut edges, so the finished product is smooth enough to grout by hand. I made a design on a flat tile in class, but then switched over to curved surfaces after more practice. Now I've made two flower pots (I'll post pics later)--one an African theme for my friend Janice, and a gardening theme for my friend Jen. Actually the latter is made using a piece of Mexican pottery that Jen purchased in Cabo San Lucas and broke before she got it home. I hope she appreciates the transformation--I'm thinking maybe it's a bit over the top. Hard to tell really. My mom likes it, so I guess that's a good sign because she tends to like more conservative stuff. Anyway, I have lots more mosaic projects planned.

My real passion lately, however, has been with neckties. I think it all started when I wrote a paper in college about Mourning Quilts. I am fascinated with the idea of using someone's clothing as a memory keepsake. I also appreciate recycled crafts, and I came across some necktie skirts and other items by the brand Riley...and then I was hooked. The luck of the draw found me at the thrift store that offered a plastic bag stuffed to the brim with neckties for only $3.95! I came home and it was like going through treasure! There were 107 ties in that bag. There were ugly ties, average ties, but also beautiful silks, and name brands like Jerry Garcia. I sorted them all by color, and now have added to my stash. I have over 300 ties now--some novelty ties I have also purchased on ebay. I love novelty ties. I figure I can make them the focal point in my designs. I have some set aside for a skirt, but mostly I'm focusing on totes. I am almost finished sewing my first bag--also a gift. I'm calling it the Kizandrae. I'll post pics when I've finished it. Thanks to Laura for all her inspiration :). More later.....