Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mustache Cookies on a Stick!

For my friend Jen's son Ryan's birthday last year, I am finally getting around to sharing the mustache cookies on a stick that I made.
There are several kits available with cookie cutters in various mustache shapes.
I chose the Munchstache kit.

The trick is to attach your skewer and patiently wait until the cookies are thoroughly cooled.
At first it seems like the sticks aren't going to hold, but they worked out beautifully!
Perfect for fun photo opportunities!
Wouldn't these be amazing for using as a prop in a photobooth?!

I ended up just using melted chocolate to ice these roughly, but you could properly pipe on designs and even use frosting.


Hipstamatic shots

Yummy too!

Monday, May 28, 2012


I have so much to catch up on here.
Like the birthday treats I made last year for my friend Jen's kids.

It has become a tradition for me to bake them something, starting with two years ago and the cupcakes I made that looked like Jen's daughter Callie.
Last year, I made my first attempt at Cake Pops, trying to make miniature cupcakes, except mine looked more just like blobs.
Oh well. It's the thought.

I was inspired by the book Pop Bakery.
I like that the recipes are from scratch, not the dreaded cake mix.

I bought some pretty sugar flowers at Do it With Icing.

And different colors of chocolate to melt

It was tedious to cut the tiny cakes into flower shapes

But that was all hidden by my globby chocolate dipping. Sigh...

She still seemed to like them!

Tomorrow, I'll show you what I made for Jen's son Ryan.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Photobooth Friday (um, even though it's not Friday)

Check out my new Iphone skin!

This is from Skin-It.
A skin is a sticker (so best used in conjunction with a clear case).
But that skin can be customized with your own photo--in this case a photobooth strip of myself and two of my friends.

But imagine how great this could be with your business logo, pics of your kids or grandkids, your dog, etc.
For me it's especially useful now in that the glass is broken on my phone, front and back, so the sticker is actually holding the little pieces of glass in place.
At the same time this is a one-of-a-kind conversation piece.

If you want to order a custom skin, there's a tab on the top of their website "create your own".


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy May Day

European traditions included a ceremony of bringing in a tree from the woods.
Its branches were lopped off and it was wrapped with violets...all a tribute to the Roman god Attis (read more history here)

Generations later, the festivities included tying a pole with colorful ribbons or streamers, and dancing round.
Customs were carried over that included hanging May Baskets on the doorknobs of neighbors.

Sadly, one doesn't see many Maypoles in the United States anymore, but I love the tradition nevertheless.

Here are some vintage magazine illustrations:

New Yorker Magazine, 1949
Fence ad, 1929
Lifesavers candy ad,1947