Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Peeking, Jackie!

I've been intending to complete this project for quite awhile now.
I had taken some super cute photos of doggies Dylan and Reese a year ago (surprisingly good quality from a disposable camera!).
I set the pics aside and didn't show the owners, knowing these were so special that I knew I needed to make something.
I did blog one, hoping the owners didn't see it.

At first I was thinking I'd place the photos back-to-back under glass and make a Christmas ornament.
But that would have meant reducing the size of the images, and I really wanted the full impact of a 4" x 6".

So I thought, well, I can still place them under glass, but I'll make two, with a dog-themed quotation on the reverse.
The finished product can hang on a wall or whatever.
I found some amazing beveled glass at Alpine Glass (a stained glass store in San Diego).
Soldering stuff at the ready

I envisioned these hanging by a chain, so an employee at Alpine glass showed me how to twist copper wire around a pencil to make the loops for hanging.

Christmas came and went, but I still wanted to finish this.
Jackie (their "mom") just had a birthday this week, so I pushed myself to work on the project.
Ta Da!
Soldered Ornament
Another Soldered Ornament

One of the reasons it took me so long to get around to putting these together was that I got hung up on what paper to use on the reverse--what paper should the quote be on?
Certainly not something plain...but what?
Should I collage the reverse in dog-themed images?
Nah...too busy.

And it finally dawned on me what to use for the reverse--the greenery from Fiesta Island (the same location as the other photographs).

So I took a photo I had of Leroy, and I cropped out the green.

That way the reverse is in the same color family, and I think it works
(a bit of glare from the night shot...lights hitting the glass)
Reverse side of soldered ornament
Dog Quote on soldered ornament

But let's be real, shall we?
These are far from perfect, but the more I messed with it, the gloopier it got.
But then that tends to be my style, if you followed my making of the butterfly charms at all.

At one point, I peeled off the copper tape that I had already soldered, and started again.

Then my iron got too hot, and repeatedly going over an area left it burned (oops!)
I have one iron that doesn't get hot enough, and another that gets too hot.
I need a really decent stained glass-quality soldering iron
So I mended it.

Finally, at some point, I just had to step away and call it okay.
As Sally Jean Alexander would say, "Love and embrace"
(I will be blogging about my class with her soon, by the way).

I'm pretty sure Jackie is going to love these though.
Between those cute faces and that gorgeous glass--they'll make her smile.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woohoo--snail mail!

One of the rewards of blogging is meeting people you wouldn't have found otherwise.
I've known Jen of The Felt Mouse for several years now.
Though we haven't met yet, I consider her one of my friends.

Jen just sent me snail mail AGAIN (I'm so spoiled!).
This package is especially delicious--look at all the good stuff!
(note she also sent lip gloss, but that was already in my make-up bag, so didn't make the photo)
Oh my gosh, so perfectly tailored to my interests--necktie scraps, a vintage needle case, a car visor wind chime, a kitty pinback button, fun clothing buttons, pin-up cards, and a tiki-themed sticker.

I love this Grow a Pet

and this Woof magnet

A Japanese magazine (oh so good) called Basic Life seems to be about surrounding yourself with things you love (interior decorating, etc)
I like the whimsy here

and the floral sphere

She sent zinnia seeds (my favorite) and this cute little plastic bird feeder

and how fun is this matchstick herb garden?!

Seeds are embedded in the cardboard 'matches', so you just plant those!

But the most amazing gift was the homemade recipe card she made, using my instructions from the article I wrote in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.
On the front, under vinyl, is a photo of herself as a kid, surrounded by memories from childhood (barrettes, crayons, Bazooka)

and on the back, it's a recipe for "Reliving your childhood".

Note recipe instructions, "Don't be afraid to try all ingredients. Repeat often"
There are multiple ingredients: "dream, wish, laugh..."
and how cool is that filler?
Itty bitty alphabet noodles! I LOVE it!

Jen has pics and descriptions on her blog too.

Thank you Jen!
So much goodness here :)

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photo Ops


Alone in a Sea of Grass
Alone in a Sea of Grass

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Rummage Sale Gods smiled on me today

Today was the Thursday Club Rummage Sale.
This event is usually an annual tradition for my mom and me to attend, but I was shocked she passed this year.
She preferred warmth and sleeping in, while I got up at 4:30.

I was in line later than I had planned, at 6:30am, and was the 71st person in line (they hand out numbers so no last minute cutting).
The line ended up stretching waaaaay down and around the Activity Center at historic Balboa Park

The large room is arranged in sections of like items: arts & crafts, appliances, sporting goods, etcetera.
I headed first to furniture (my dream is to find and old library card catalog, or an old apothecary chest).
I didn't find those, but I did find a cute little cabinet (end table size), with two shelves, in perfect condition for...ten dollars! Ten!
Thrifted Cabinet
Rummage Sale Goodness
I got the large, heavy ceramic plant pot pictured, for $5.
I'm always on the look-out for large planters, especially when they have holes drilled in the bottom.

I got this weird wooden coat rack, with alligator hooks, for $4.
It's not in perfect condition, but its character more than makes up for that.
thrifted wooden coat rack
It's wonderfully "shabby"
Alligator hooksIMG_0593

I was considering making a memo board for my room, and now I don't have to.
Perfect condition aloha goodness, for $5
Thrifted memo board

Cute child's hooded towel I thought I'd give to a friend (I think it was $2), and some flowers for my mom (entire box of pansies and ranunculas $6)
Thrifted Mermaid Towel

Tiered metal cupcake stand, new with $34.50 tag attached, slight bend on bottom that is no big deal, $10.
Purchase was inspired by a tour yesterday of Cheryl Simpson's craft room (she had a tiered fruit stand filled with tubes of paint, another with jewelry. The most amazing craft space EVER!)
Thrifted Cupcake Stand

I also got a brass (which I'll end up painting a nickel finish) hook in a 'B' design, for $1.50.
A bar of soap called "Mental Case" (just like this), brand new, for $1.
It was soooo much fun!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here She Comes to Save the Day....

Many of you know that I've been in the midst of the never-ending bedroom remodel for the past year.
One delay after another meant the floor wasn't installed until just recently.
Which meant all my stuff has been sitting outside for a year.
Under tarps, sure, but outside nevertheless.

I was optimistic about what I was going to find under those tarps, but was seriously disappointed by what actual damage was revealed.
I had a lot of books and art supplies stored in boxes in an old armoire.
Somehow rain managed to leak in, and boxes upon boxes of books were wet and mildewed.
It was heart-breaking.
A large plastic craft box of ephemera was filled with stale water.
I lost vintage postcards, photographs, papers for collage.

I mentioned this on Facebook, and MaryAnn immediately had a box of ephemera in the mail to me.

God you guys are amazing.

MaryAnn has sent me goodies in the past, and thankfully some of that was inside the house and safe, but she is definitely the queen of vintage goodness (and generosity too).
Check out her Etsy shop.

You see, tomorrow, I start a two-day workshop with
Sally Jean Alexander, author of Pretty Little Things.
The workshop is called Totally Tiara.
So I need collage materials.
And now I have awesome papers to use!
Thanks MaryAnn!!!

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Scenes from my life

Snapshots from the last couple of weeks

Some days are tough ;)

Fiesta Island right before the flowers bloom
Fiesta IslandFiesta Island MorningBig Tumbleweed on Fiesta IslandSkyline

Dog Beach Del Mar with the three boys
Three BoysReesie and DukieDuke

The simple joys of life (like rolling in sand)
Sand Boy

Fireplace by the sea...
Fireplace by the Sea

Cute kitchen
Cute Kitchen

Stamped concrete
Stamped Concrete


Sand and ShellsHummingbirdShore birdHigh Flying Bird

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