Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recent Thrift Finds

Numbered and signed etching in a tree scene that I love, and it matches my room perfectly.
I just need to get it out of its dated brass frame (I may just paint it a nickel color).
$40, which is a lot for a thrift store, but I really like it.

Cute little tiny sewing box--perfect for my portable lifestyle.
$10 at a house sale.

From the same house sale, this hand-painted lap desk.
Perfect for sitting on the couch and balancing my laptop.
$15Pockets and cubbies for papers and pens.

Sparky shoes.
Brand new. $5 at an upscale thrift store.
Wedge platforms covered in a natural fiber.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work Out Ready

I just bought some clothes to work out in.
Now there's no excuse!

Heart and Core is having an awesome sale--check it out.
Two sisters started this company when their mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and couldn't find comfortable sports bras to wear.
So these are products for women, made by women.

Along with sports bras, the company has a ruched top that looks good on everyone, and some capri-style athletic pants as well (more products and colors to come in the future).

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How Do You Wish To Sparkle?

I am absolutely fascinated by the idea of taking the
Sparkles class
offered by Jamie Ridler, and including many guest teachers.
We all still have time to sign up, but we have to hurry.

And I certainly need some sparkle in my life!
I want to be glittery and shiny.

Several years ago, I bought a friend of mine a little tiny glass bottle filled with "fairy dust".
The stopper top was connected with a little tiny spoon (wait a minute...was it a wand?), and you could scoop out the glittery dust and blow to the wind...and cast your wish.
I wish (no pun intended) I had bought one for myself--what an amazing little treasure!

The idea of wishcasting right now is serendipitous, because this is a big year of change for me.
I'm tired of being tired, so I'm concentrating on health and wellness.
I enrolled in a nutrition school, and am being trained to become a holistic health coach.
My first client is myself, and I'm going to learn all the ways I can to bring myself back to a healthy place physically, emotionally, spiritually.
Basically the school is my mentor, and then I will take all the things I learn on my path to wellness, and will be able to help others do the same.

So right now my focus and my wish is success on this path...the path I'm meant to be walking...my intended niche.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to include art therapy in my coaching, and I know this year is going to be a huge transformation.
I'm excited!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Unlikely Friends

This little skunk and raccoon have come to my mom's back door for several days in a row now.
At first I figured they happened to come to eat at the same time, and just put up with one another.
But considering I've seen them several times together now, I have to wonder if maybe they're friends?!

Sorry for the glare and the blur, but I took this through her sliding glass door on a zoom and on my phone camera.

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Oh my gosh, poor neglected blog!
The days zoom by so fast, and Facebook takes up more of my time than blogging lately.

For now, a couple of pics around San Diego.

Outside the La Jolla Music and Arts Library, The Atheneum.
I took my mom to see a three-part series by Professor Bruno Leone, where he told stories, sang, and expertly played the grand piano.
The series highlighted the lives of George Gerswhin, Cole Porter, and Richard Rodgers.
Absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend signing up for any event given by Bruno Leone.

Huge vase of flowers that appears to be a paper-mache sculpture, inside the Atheneum. Huge meaning it was about ten feet tall.

A red leather (or vinyl...I'm not positive) couch at a local thrift store that I am absolutely coveting.
Looks brand new, and I'm on a red kick, but I can't afford it right now.

I've always thought of this as a lifeguard tower on Fiesta Island, but it may actually be for some kind of judging or for spectators. I'm not sure, I just know I walk by it often.

Reese, at Fiesta, pre-daisies.

My little three-legged kitty, Kai, is getting all grown up!
He's around 7 months old now.
He's actually quite smaller than my other cats, so I call him my "weenie".

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