Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gift Ideas

Some of my favorite gifts, both to give and to receive, are stocking stuffers.
Fun candy, I-tunes gift cards, gold coins, wool socks, art supplies, kitchen gadgets...
Here are a couple more ideas:

If you have long hair, this brush is a MUST HAVE.
The Wet Brush blows a comb out of the water. It is awesome!
And affordable.

I like these dog leashes that loop around to form their own collar.
This one is at LL Bean.

Hee Hee....Dog Slobber Hand Sanitizer
At Perpetual Kid.

I didn't mean to turn this into dog-related gifts, but I've just happened upon some cool stuff.Doggie water bottle adapter

T Rex tea strainer, at Fred Flare

What is on MY "gimme" list this year?
A food processor
New pillow (a chiropractic type)
Chanel foundation
curling iron with a wide brush, like this
a vintage Polaroid. Maybe the SX-70 (see this)
Fermenting class, from Nourished Kitchen

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Green Dip-- YUM!

This is a delicious cross between a salsa verde and a pesto.
Serve it with tortilla chips, or use it as you would any salsa.
It's also a great alternative to guacamole, because you get a lot of salsa yet use very few avocados.

4 bunches cilantro (yes, I do mean bunches. Four sell units)
14 Tomatillos, husks removed (either raw or charred in oven, depending on your preference)
4 Avocados (not too hard, but not overly ripe either), use a spoon to scoop flesh from skin. Remove pit
4-8 Serrano chilies (depending on your heat preference), seeds removed
You can add jalapenos too, but I prefer just Serranos
1 full head of Garlic, skins removed and each clove crushed with your knife

Remove cilantro leaves (just use leaves, not stems), chop, and place in blender
Roughly chop rest of ingredients and add to blender
Add a bit of lemon or lime juice to keep avocados from browning
Add 1 white onion if desired
Salt and/or pepper if desired, to your taste

Blend until all ingredients are chopped and mixed well