Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I need a recipe

Several years ago, I bought a big copper cookie cutter from Martha Stewart, and it came with a little booklet, and a recipe for sugar cookies with royal icing.
If I remember correctly, both the cookies and the icing had lemon.

Of course all my stuff is packed away, and I don't see the same cookie recipe on her site.
In fact, I had linked the recipe in a previous post, and the page is no longer there.
All I see now is a recipe for "ideal" sugar cookies, and that's not what I want.
I want the lemon one.

Does anyone have the recipe I'm looking for?
Thank you!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Room with a View

Ocean mural
View from my apartment window in Point Loma, 2000.
A mural on Nimitz Bouldevard.

When I moved in, my landlord said one of the advantages of the place was that it had an ocean view ;)
I adored that apartment.
I lived with a professional surfer, but she had me move out six months later so her friends from out of state could move in.

Sadly, both the teal colored apartments and the mural were painted over a dreary beige.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Making faces...

Making faces
I've been so busy, but I'll be catching up soon!

Fun photobooth from a couple of months ago at the San Diego County Fair.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Battling Stepford..backward

I've written several times about appreciating bloggers that express their opinions, the truth and extent of their feelings...that lay their souls wide open.
As much as I dislike it when people skim the surface of life, I dislike even more the ones who have to bitch about everyone and everything.

Have you ever read the comments on Youtube?
Youtube is a good example of a place people seem to feel they can shred others with words.
Many of the comments are vile and hateful.
And the commenters are anonymous.
Why is this trend expanding?

Comments don't have to be happy-happy-fake-joy, but they needn't be insulting either.
Anonymous spam is forcing me to moderate comments on some of my blogs.
It's a pain.

Sometimes anonymous commenters spit on bloggers too.
This morning I had four comments on one of my blogs.
On three of the posts, the comment was, "cute".
The fourth post was more specific:

1. You should only shop for quality, even at thrift stores. Clearly you lack an eye for style, when you go for "cute."

2. The photos you have selected on your blog represent poor taste.

3. Your writing is poor. Never start a paragraph with "too."

4. Blogs are not for everyone to write.

My response to anonymous:
1. That's your opinion.

2. There are a gazillion blogs out in the world--go find some you like to read.

3. Sincere comments are one thing, but is it necessary to be rude?

4. Show your name.

5. Blogs are informal by nature. Even slang is appropriate, as blogs are often written in the casual tone of a speaker rather than a writer.

6. Using "too" (comma) to start a sentence is perfectly acceptable in an informal setting, though it is true that many consider it improper. I shouldn't have to consult Strunk and White when a blog is basically an online diary.

7. You can imagine what I'm really thinking, but I'll keep that one to myself. Sometimes, anonymous, that's really the best choice.